Photo day

We had a fun day putting Ezra’s first outfit on. We had a chance to take lots of pictures of the cute boys!

My cute boys hanging out in the NICU…

Family picture with everyone wearing clothes.

Atreyu’s favorite thing is to poke at his brother and being tickled by the nurses.

Atreyu helping with Ezra’s pacifier.

Today was one of the good days, but we still can’t wait to go home.

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Baby steps

We’ve been hoping for dramatic improvements but instead Ezra has been making baby steps. They are however steps forward, and closer to going home. Over the weekend he came off the heater and today, he got
permission to lay half on his back. It’s not all the way on his back, but in baby step fashion, half. The physical therapist can do more with him now and we get to hold him in more positions. When things don’t happen on your schedule it you have to trust more.

Today we were able to start helping with his dressing changes, since we will still be doing that once he goes home. Slowly we are meeting requirements to go home and someday, hopefully soon they will tell us, “go home.”

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Day 29

Well… Dr. Mann stopped by tonight and checked on Ezra as he promised.  All we found out is that he is going to check back in a couple of more days.  So, for now they are continuing his normal treatment.  We get to wait some more.  Dealing with Ezras medical stuff has been pretty easy, at least for me.  Since we’ve been able to hold him it has been better, but waiting to go home has been really hard.  Other than the big wound on his back he seems like a normal newborn, not like a baby that needs to be in the hospital.  Right now we just want to go home.

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The Dawn of a New Week

We had a good quiet weekend.  I was able to spend a lot more time holding Ezra and Lauren got to see Atreyu more.  Today we even got to get out for a little bit and see the sunshine, something that we haven’t seen much of lately.  A former coworker of Lauren’s lives down here and offered us dinner and a movie while she watched Atreyu.  She has a daughter about the same age as Atreyu, so it was nice for the both of them to play together. Lauren and I got to go see True Grit, which was really good.  We hardly go to the movies even when were home, so it was nice to have a quick date.

We are hopeful, and pray that this is the week that Ezra gets to have his final evaluations and gets clearance to go home.  It still seems a long way off, but it is possible.

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