We finally decided to let Ezra try some real food. I knew it would take a while for him to get used to it, and from previous experience I knew he would puke, which he did. I was able to get a few bites down before he puked a little, and each time Atreyu said “no” because he wanted that bite. So once Ezra was done, I let Atreyu have at it.

Apparently he still loves stage 1 purees.

Ezra nurses fine, so I hope he will catch on to the whole eating real food thing with out to much difficulty. One day at a time, just like everything else.

In other things, Ezra continues to have PT once a week. He still isn’t able to hold up his head. So we work on that a lot. I hope he gets stronger, but he still has such a little body. We do little pacifier workouts to get his neck stronger. I can see improvements, but I can’t wait till he is a pro at it. Since milestones are coming much slower than a “normal” baby it’s interesting to see how much a baby has to work at something. One day at a time, just like everything else.

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