Atreyu update

It seems like every week Atreyu is growing up so much! And is as goofy as ever. This is his favorite voice to do when he gets really silly.

Atreyu got his first bike. Since we have had a couple of warm days we were able to get outside and ride his bike. He talks about his bike all the time.

Atreyu is talking so much more now too. And he is pretty much potty trained. yeah, growing up so quick.

Here is Dave and Atreyu doing their fire truck rodeo. These boys have so much fun together.


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Birthday Party and Stats

We had Ezra’s birthday party. I love celebrating my boys birthdays.
And I finally got a full video of Ezra rolling over.


The boys had their annual check-up.

Atreyu is 37 inches tall. (95%) Sarah, I guess he is tall! He weighs 27 pounds. He is becoming my little bean stock.

Ezra is doing well too. He is 27 inches tall (grew 2 inches from 9 months) and weighs 15 lbs 2 ounces.
We still want to put a little more weight on him and keep working on his fine motor skills. But he is still pretty awesome. I mean just hang out with this kid, he is so happy and has such a contagious smile.

I took some pictures of him. He was just starring at the camera, then I told him to smile and he wouldn’t stop.


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Christmas Time

We had such a blessed season. Atreyu’s new favorite word is “present”. He gets so excited when he see’s something wrapped. And of course his favorite presents were all of Ezra’s.

We first had Christmas with the grandparents.

The boys ready for our family Christmas in their jammies. We had our family Christmas a little early.

On Christmas Eve we headed to Phoenix to visit family. It was a crazy flight with the boys, but we made it. We had a beautiful Christmas in 65 degree weather hanging out then going to check out Sedona.

Later we spent time with my cousins. Such a blessing to see everyone.  Here are a few more pictures from our trip.







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Atreyu is 2

Well, another year has gone by. Atreyu has grown so much, and we love seeing all the new things he is learning everyday.

Here are the kids decorating some cookies at Atreyu’s party.


And trying to blow out the candles.

I love being this kids mom.
Both of them are amazing.

Here are a few more picture I posted on Facebook from his Birthday party. Everyone had such a great time. I can’t wait to do it all again in 3 weeks for Ezra’s 1st birthday! (crazy right!)

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