Birthday Party and Stats

We had Ezra’s birthday party. I love celebrating my boys birthdays.
And I finally got a full video of Ezra rolling over.


The boys had their annual check-up.

Atreyu is 37 inches tall. (95%) Sarah, I guess he is tall! He weighs 27 pounds. He is becoming my little bean stock.

Ezra is doing well too. He is 27 inches tall (grew 2 inches from 9 months) and weighs 15 lbs 2 ounces.
We still want to put a little more weight on him and keep working on his fine motor skills. But he is still pretty awesome. I mean just hang out with this kid, he is so happy and has such a contagious smile.

I took some pictures of him. He was just starring at the camera, then I told him to smile and he wouldn’t stop.


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A Little Progress

and a Happy Birthday.

yup today Ezra turns 1! I feel like today is a happy New Year more than January 1st.
I am so glad the first year is over. It was hard, but Ezra is doing great. Like with his pregnancy, there were so many unknowns. It is hard trying to figure things out for Ezra. We have a better idea of what to expect but I am sure he will continue to surprise us. Now that I see him progressing and getting stronger, I love seeing all the new things he is learning and figuring out.

He is getting better at rolling over. So good that I put him on his belly and before I can hit the record button and the camera gets going he is already on his back!
Here is the ending of him rolling over. I will get a video of the whole thing.

Also we have been working on him eating more. He is really catching on to it.


His other new trick is a little movement. Like when I put him down for a nap one way he usually wakes up sideways and on the other side of his crib. He is a slow mover but he is getting there. It is such a joy to see him getting stronger. His head control is so much better now also. He still wants to look up, but now he get it back down. That was the hardest part of the first year. So I am glad we are moving past it.

We are looking forward to what this year will bring. Hopefully new equipment like a wheel chair. Then I will have 2 toddlers moving around and getting into everything. Won’t that be fun!

Tonight we have Ezra’s birthday dinner and next week a birthday party. More pictures will come.


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Christmas Time

We had such a blessed season. Atreyu’s new favorite word is “present”. He gets so excited when he see’s something wrapped. And of course his favorite presents were all of Ezra’s.

We first had Christmas with the grandparents.

The boys ready for our family Christmas in their jammies. We had our family Christmas a little early.

On Christmas Eve we headed to Phoenix to visit family. It was a crazy flight with the boys, but we made it. We had a beautiful Christmas in 65 degree weather hanging out then going to check out Sedona.

Later we spent time with my cousins. Such a blessing to see everyone.  Here are a few more pictures from our trip.







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4th of July

We had a great sunny, warm weekend. We were able to do my favorite which is picking strawberries. It is one of the memories I had as a kid in Florida going to get strawberries and eating tons. So of course as a family we have to go. Once Atreyu saw where the strawberries were, he was eating tons of them. At first he was good about picking the good ones and taking the green part off, but once he got going he was picking over ripe and under ripe and didn’t really care what else got in his mouth. Then he found some rocks and started playing in the dirt, he was lovin’ it. Ezra just took his nap with me in the sling, I am sure he was having fun too.

When we were done, we were all hot  and sweaty, Atreyu was covered in dirt and strawberry juice.

On Sunday we did what every tourist does in Traverse City. Go to the Cherry Festival. We went down to the beach and watched the air show. It was a great afternoon. Ezra of course napped.

The 4th we just had a relaxing day. I love 3 day weekends in the summer. It’s great to spend time with family. The 4th was also Ezra’s half birthday. We have his check-up next week, so we will see how big he is getting.

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