Hanging out

Yup I’m still pregnant. I really thought we would have her sooner but I guess she is comfy and not ready yet.

We have been spending some time in Grand Rapids waiting for the baby to come.  Even though Dave is still working it feels like a mini vacation. Though I much prefer to not be 9 months pregnant on vacation.

We have enjoyed our time here and are starting to settle in. Nothing too exciting to share. But here are some pictures of some of the fun.

Lots of time spent at the park
GR Collage 

We found the boys like this one night.
I asked Atreyu why he wanted to sleep with Ezra and he said
“Well, because I love him sometimes”

sleepy boys


And of course I have gotten a little bit of sewing in.
Noelle in her new dress.

noelle dress



Today I am 39 weeks. I do feel like I could go into labor any moment. This end of pregnancy has by far been my most uncomfortable. The others were so easy compared to her. It’s nice having Dave “work from home” this last week since he has been a huge help to me.

Thank you to those we have talked with and the encouraging things and prayer you have for us. We are thankful that our church has a church plant here that we have been able to visit. It feels like home and are blessed by the people there.

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Pink or Blue?

Today we had the much anticipated Ultrasound. With my first two the ultrasound meant finding out if they were a boy or girl. Now they are about finding out if the baby is healthy. Crazy how views change in a couple years. The tech first scanned in on the brain and from what I could see it looked perfect. Kids with Spina Bifida have a “lemon” or “banana” shaped brain. So this was a great sign of a healthy baby.

After a few more scans and a little twisting and turning trying to get the baby to move around. We saw a healthy brain and a healthy spine! What a blessing!

And of course we got the “money shot”

In November we will be having our first baby girl! Now to get to sewing the cutest little clothes for her.

And I thought this picture was just too cute. She was resting her little arm on her leg.

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Getting Stronger

I feel like every day Ezra is getting stronger and stronger. Here is a video of him playing around the end of January.
He is doing good but still a little wobbly. You can see it in the beginning, I didn’t cut the video’s down.

and here he is about 6 weeks later. He is doing so much better. He still needs to get stronger but it is nice to see him improving.

One of our next steps is to turn one of those chairs into a wheelchair so he can get around the house and outside this summer. He will be so stinkin cute!

Ezra continues to have doctor appointments to follow up with his progress. Right now these appointments are just to make sure nothing is wrong, which from what we know, nothing is wrong.


Right now we do lots of PT. Usually 3 times a week. Thankfully 2 of those times they come to my house. We stretch him a lot, working on rolling and just getting him stronger.

Here is Ezra doing some stretching and playing on the Ipad.


We had a follow up with the eye doctor and they said Ezra looks great with his glasses. He still pulls them down a lot but they say once he relaxes his eyes he will start to prefer them. He gets lots of compliments about how adorable he is. Which he is.

Since his eyes are already starting to straighten out, we don’t need to patch one eye to make the other stronger as of now. We will check back in 6 months.

Sorry for the slow blog, it’s just there really is nothing new. Just the normal everyday life of my 2 boys growing up.


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Christmas Time

We had such a blessed season. Atreyu’s new favorite word is “present”. He gets so excited when he see’s something wrapped. And of course his favorite presents were all of Ezra’s.

We first had Christmas with the grandparents.

The boys ready for our family Christmas in their jammies. We had our family Christmas a little early.

On Christmas Eve we headed to Phoenix to visit family. It was a crazy flight with the boys, but we made it. We had a beautiful Christmas in 65 degree weather hanging out then going to check out Sedona.

Later we spent time with my cousins. Such a blessing to see everyone.  Here are a few more pictures from our trip.







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