Wow I can’t believe summer is over. At the same time I feel like we really enjoyed the summer while it was here. We were outside a lot, swimming, hiking, just enjoying the warm weather.

A couple weeks ago we went over to Sand Lakes and enjoyed the mud. Atreyu had a blast until he got mud in his eyes. What boy wouldn’t love this!

Atreyu grew so much this summer. Every other week it felt like he had a growth spurt. He has been such a helper for me (when he listens). It has been such a blessing having both boys so close.

Last weekend we went up to Mackinaw Island for the day. Enjoyed a Jazz concert and walked around the island. Here is Ezra and I on the ferry ride over. It rained all morning and we were soaked. Thankfully later it dried up so we could walk around.

Atreyu checking out the view of the Mackinaw Bridge out on our walk.  Such a beautiful place.

September is full of doctor appointments for Ezra. He just had a urology appointment and his ultrasound said that everything still looks good. We are continuing to keep an eye on his bladder and kidney to make sure they are working well.  We have 4 more appointments with different doctors over the next few weeks. Should be fun hanging out in Grand Rapids.

I am still trying to get Ezra used to eating. I tried mixing is oatmeal with different things to help him not gag. It seems that apple juice does the trick. He still doesn’t eat it, but at least he isn’t gagging. Ezra is so different with eating then Atreyu. Atreyu loved (and still loves) food. Ezra shuts his mouth so tight I can hardly get the spoon in his mouth. It’s pretty funny.

Here are some more pictures of summer from Facebook.

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We finally decided to let Ezra try some real food. I knew it would take a while for him to get used to it, and from previous experience I knew he would puke, which he did. I was able to get a few bites down before he puked a little, and each time Atreyu said “no” because he wanted that bite. So once Ezra was done, I let Atreyu have at it.

Apparently he still loves stage 1 purees.

Ezra nurses fine, so I hope he will catch on to the whole eating real food thing with out to much difficulty. One day at a time, just like everything else.

In other things, Ezra continues to have PT once a week. He still isn’t able to hold up his head. So we work on that a lot. I hope he gets stronger, but he still has such a little body. We do little pacifier workouts to get his neck stronger. I can see improvements, but I can’t wait till he is a pro at it. Since milestones are coming much slower than a “normal” baby it’s interesting to see how much a baby has to work at something. One day at a time, just like everything else.

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Wellness and plastic surgeons

This week we had a few appointments so it was a little busy. The boys had there 6 month and 18 month check ups.

Atreyu grew a ton, which I figured he would. He has been eating so much. He now weighs 25lbs and is 35 in tall. He is starting to pick up more words. Most our conversations go like this…

A: rock…rock…rock
Me: yup that’s a rock
A: bird..tweet tweet…bird…tweet tweet tweet…
Me: yup thats a bird.

And on and on. It’s pretty fun.


Ezra is 12 lbs 7 ounce and 24 1/4 in tall. which means he gained one ounce and a quarter inch since his 4 month check up. The doctor doesn’t seem worried right now, so hopefully Ezra will continue to grow. I have seen him getting stronger. His favorite thing is to raise his head up and start talking to me at 2 in the morning. But he couldn’t get his head that stable before so I am pretty excited for him.

When he is upright he still doesn’t control his head. It is a little frustrating but I know he will get there, he is a tiny boy with a big head to hold up.

We also had a plastic surgeon appointment in Grand Rapids. We drove down 2 1/2 hours for our 5 min appointment, but it is good to follow up and make sure everything is still healing right. Which it is.

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