4th of July

We had a great sunny, warm weekend. We were able to do my favorite which is picking strawberries. It is one of the memories I had as a kid in Florida going to get strawberries and eating tons. So of course as a family we have to go. Once Atreyu saw where the strawberries were, he was eating tons of them. At first he was good about picking the good ones and taking the green part off, but once he got going he was picking over ripe and under ripe and didn’t really care what else got in his mouth. Then he found some rocks and started playing in the dirt, he was lovin’ it. Ezra just took his nap with me in the sling, I am sure he was having fun too.

When we were done, we were all hot  and sweaty, Atreyu was covered in dirt and strawberry juice.

On Sunday we did what every tourist does in Traverse City. Go to the Cherry Festival. We went down to the beach and watched the air show. It was a great afternoon. Ezra of course napped.

The 4th we just had a relaxing day. I love 3 day weekends in the summer. It’s great to spend time with family. The 4th was also Ezra’s half birthday. We have his check-up next week, so we will see how big he is getting.

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Warm Days

It has been great for to spend lots of time outside. Atreyu loves it. He thinks about it from the moment he wakes up. The other day he brought me his coat and said “go”, it was 8am and 75 degrees, just whatever can get him out there I guess.

We put water in his hair to cool off. Dave had a little fun messing with Atreyu’s hair

Another awesome thing about warm weather is that we get to eat outside. Which means we get to use the grill, and I don’t have a sweep. Not that that is a huge chore, just one less thing.

Also my strawberries plants are getting bigger! I can’t wait till they are ready to pick.

Here are Atreyu and Ezra after their nap. Ezra looks like he got punched in the eye but he was just sleeping on that side.

And Ezra is getting so good at putting toys in his mouth.

Now after a couple cooler days I am ready for those warms days again.

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Pool Time

This last weekend we were able to head over to the pool and go for a swim. Atreyu hated it of course. after about a half hour of crying he started having fun. Ezra was so continent the whole time.



Atreyu did start liking it. He was confused as to why Ezra was swimming towards him.


Atreyu playing a little in the water. Eventually he even started walking around and playing in the fountain. Hopefully next time we go back he will like it a little more.

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