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  1. Dave & Lauren – please know we’re praying for your family and especially little Ezra. May God show himself strong to each of you. Thanks for your faithfulness and example. You are loved by the entire family at New Hope. I just came back from morning prayer – and you were all lifted up. May you sense HIS presence and power today! Prayerfully, Rick

  2. We are keeping your needs in our prayers. God will show himself through this. You are right to trust Him. But I pray you may also feel His Presence.
    Jeanne and John

  3. lauren and dave,
    just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to me, and that you are in my prayers.

  4. It was great to find your blog and learn about Ezra. Our son, Dashle, was born (along with his twin sister, Phoebe) in October of last year at 24 weeks with thoracic level spina bifida. Due to his small size (1lb 4oz) he had to wait 3 months to have his closure surgery. He still have fairly severe kyphosis. Following the surgery he also had a fair amount of respiratory issues and needed to have a tracheotomy. After a year in the hospital, he was discharged in October. He is still trach and vent dependent, but doing better than ever. He and his sister are a real blessing to us 🙂

    Take care,


  5. I just wanted to say hello. I too have a son “Blake” with Spina Bifida. Blake was born January 31, 2010 at Texas Children’s Hospital. He is a level T10 and also has a kyphosis that looks like your baby’s. We have not met anyone with a kyphosis like Blake’s before so I jumped at the chance to say “Hi”. I sent you a friend request on facebook if you would like a friend to talk to, or to compare notes or ideas with. Thank you for your time. Tricia

  6. Hi Lauren and Dave, my name is Rene. I have a 6yr old son named Kei who was born with his sister Aspen @ 24 wks gestation. My lil Aspen weighed 1lb 4oz, she was called to heaven 48 hrs after birth. My son weighed 1lb. 6oz and he fought for his life in the NICU for 4 mos. until he finally got to come home 1 day after my birthday. The best present I could ever ask for. I came across your story of your lil blessing Ezra as I googled the words “how to make a bumbo wheelchair. And, the blog, “Our little blessings” popped up. I watched the video of Ezra when he first sat in his bumbo wheelchair and he was trying to figure out how to use it. I bet by now he is using it all over the house.

  7. Is there anyway you or your husband would be willing to email the directions or a list of the parts you used to make the bumbo wheelchair? The main question we have is how the wheels were installed. I think this would be a blessing for my lil miracle Kei. I have looked all over to try to get the scamatics with no luck. We would be forever grateful if you would be so kind to offer assistance.
    Thank you in advance,
    Kei, Rene and Jay Hubatch

    God Bless Your lil blessing and your family.

  8. Dear people,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. By visiting the site of the Thompson family I came to meet your little blessings. I have a ten year old son with spina bifida, who looks a lot like Ezra. And I have an eight year old healthy daughter. January ’13 our third miracle was born. She has a double collecting kidney system. She had a surgery for it in January ’14. After all the worries and hectics she’s doing fine now, as far as we know. It’s not as severe as CDH, but still maybe you’ll find it helpful somehow to know this. I will follow your journey at least the next months, hope to read good news about you!

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