Esther Mae is here

Well I guess I just needed to post about still being pregnant to not be pregnant anymore.

Monday morning I had a Dr. appointment to monitor how she was doing. She had enough fluid, but her heart rate wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. After talking to my doctor we decided that I was far enough along that breaking my water would get things going. Based on her heart rate she should be delivered sooner than later.

I went back to get Dave and get my things together. Then we headed into the hospital to deliver Esther. Around 7PM they broke my water. Because of her constant monotoring, IV and the anxiety of her birth I opted in getting an epidural. My other births (except Ezra’s c-section) I delivered with out anything. I am glad I got the epidural for this delivery. I was comfortable and pain free. When I was ready to push we paged the NICU team to take care of Esther. With pushing during 3 contractions she was out. Whisked away by the NICU team to get intubated. Dave was able to head up to the NICU with them while I finished up with delivery. He said there were over 17 people taking care of her waiting to do what they need to do.

They are taking good care of her and for how critical she is, she is doing pretty good. They have her intubated and started an oscillator on her. The oscillator pulses oxygen into her lungs to simulate breathing. It seems to be going well so far, but it can change at any moment.

They are taking X-rays through out the day to see what her insides are doing. Her diaphragm opening is quiet large and a lot of her insides  are up in her chest. They are hoping that with the lungs taking in oxygen that it will naturally move some things around. The surgeon is hoping to do her diaphragm patch surgery Thursday or Friday. She is wanting to line up he best team for Esther.

From the X-ray they found some air outside of her right lung. Which means her right lung was leaking a little. It is something that will repair itself but the had to put a chest tube in to clear the air. Things look good once they put that in there.

When they pick on her she doesn’t like it. Her silent cries are hard to watch. Even though I can’t hold her yet I can cuddle with her. Not the same but I’ll take it. They started giving her some sedation drugs to keep her calm. Her movements make her work to hard than she can handle.

I set up a Facebook prayer page to do quick updates for her. Feel free to like it.

Also we do have a PO box set up here where we will pick up our mail. The address is PO BOX 2703, Grand Rspids, MI, 49501


imageHanging out with Esther.


Esther Mae Hannon, born June 24, 5:57 AM, approximately 7#14oz. No height yet.

She is the perfect addition to our family and I can’t wait to take her home.



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  1. Congratulations! She is a beautiful baby with a strong, beautiful name! I will keep her and your entire family in my prayers

  2. Lauren and Dave, Your picture of Esther reminds me of our days in NICU with Lindsey. And look how great she turned out !! Her color looks good. She is big. Her resistance to getting “picked on ” shows she is a fighter ! We are sure praying for you guys. Our God is the creator of all and He loves little Esther and all of you. Thanks for sharing the updates. I’m so glad her delivery went pretty well for you. Hope all your other kiddos are hanging in there too ! I love you all and pray for you always.

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