Finally home

We made it. We are so happy to finally be home.

Ezra’s head ultrasound on Friday was fine and we got the final clear to get out of there. A few of the nurses we still freaking out about the long trip home and Ezra being in the car seat. We just wanted to get out of there, the doctors had cleared us to go home. There were way too many people involved in getting Ezra out of there and some thought they knew better, but everyone eventually got on the same page and we were outta there!
For the drive home we had to stop every 30 mins and give Ezra’s back a break. To help it heal better he needs lots of blood flow around his wound. It took us 4 hours to get home but we didn’t care, even Atreyu did great in the long car ride.

Once we were home it was a little stressful having to unpack. But most of it is done and we are just so excited to be here. Ezra is doing great at home. Today Atreyu heard Ezra crying and brought him a toy to make him feel better. I think he is getting the idea that Ezra is here to stay.

2 thoughts on “Finally home

  1. I am so glad Ezra got to come home, I have been keeping up with everything. My grandaughter Katelyn will be born March 15th with sb and it has helped me reading all of these journies although I know no 2 are alike. I wish your family well and will be checking on yall!

  2. Great to run into you at Sam’s yesterday! Lauren, I have never met you, so it was nice to see you in person 🙂 Wish we could have taken a peek at the little guy, but I wasn’t going to ask you to unwrap him in those frigid temps!! BRRR!! So glad you finally got to bring him home! I have to say, though you may not remember, that you guys had been on my heart since September–we ran into you by the cafeteria at Munson on the 8th or 9th I believe. Our Ellie was admitted up on peds at the time, and I noticed that you were expecting and looking very somber. I had a nagging feeling that you had just gotten some grim news. I was saddened to learn recently what that news was. I was reading through your blog and saw how you mentioned John 9:3. I immediately felt a connection with your story. Our Ellie had massive heart problems diagnosed during the pregnancy and was born with devestating heart complications. During the pregnancy I asked God, “Why me? Why my baby?” He responded immediately, “So that my power can be made known.” Same thing as He said in John 9:3 (don’t you love when He confirms with Scripture?!). “So that the work of God might be displayed…” Moments before we saw you, we had just gotten the report from another echo performed on our daughter while admitted. After falling asleep for two days, unable to be woken, our daughter’s heart had been healed. The cardiologist was unbelieving and sent it to another colleague for a second opinion. They agreed. God followed through on His promise. All during my pregnancy, He placed on my heart the story of the woman who had bled for 7 years. The main part of the story that He kept giving me over and over again was Luke 8:48 “Then he said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.'” I believe that our faith moved that mountain. I feel like He gave us our daughter and her story to help encourage others–like you. You have the amazing opportunity to do the same, and you are doing so beautifully. Though some days can get discouraging, and there will be days where you will wonder “why my baby?”, keep praying with expectation. A little faith can move huge mountains…Your little guy is already beating so many odds. What a little miracle! I continue to pray for healing for your son, and for strength for your family. Keep holding your head up high and always remember that our God still performs miracles, just as He did in John 9 and Luke 8 (among *many* others). I believe in FAITH that you will watch your son’s progress blow doctors away for many years to come. So glad that you all can finally be together and begin that journey at HOME! Blessings!

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