Homeschool plans for 2016


I get asked a lot what we do for school. Sometime I don’t really know how detailed they want me to get with the answer. I usually just give a summery, then if they ask more questions I will go in to more detail. Well, here is a post if you really want to know.

It is a loaded question. We do a lot of different things for school. And I honestly feel that every part of our life is included in our homeschool.

First our school is done year around. We do school for 6 weeks and break for 1 week, with a longer break in the winter. The benefit of living in Florida. We started this school year in June, we have one more 6 week section then we will take a longer break.

homeschool-2Let’s start with Atreyu’s school work. This year he is 6. He would probably be in 1st grade, maybe 2nd. He was a young reader. When I tell him new things he often remembers them, I often only have to teach it once and he just gets it.

Things that are important for me to teach the kids are math, reading, and writing. That is what we focus on and add other subjects along with it. Often they correlate together, reading with history, math with science and handwriting with Bible time.

For math we use Math-U-See. This curriculum emphasizes mastering concepts before you move on. Which makes it so we can go at our own pace. The workbooks have plenty of practice sheets, and if you need more you can generate your own worksheet from the website. Atreyu is on Beta, and has done really well with each concept. He did need more practice with multi-digit addition. I was glad we were able to print of extra practice sheets until he had mastered it.

We used “Sing, Spell, Read, and Write” to learn to read and continue on for language arts. They have a work book that adds on to their readers. These are worksheets that covers phonics, spelling, reading, comprehension, grammar, manuscript, reference skills and writing.

Handwriting we do copy work and memorization of scripture. I purchased Write through the Bible. It works on memory, handwriting, vocabulary, and dictation. There are worksheets that he uses to write the scripture, I do dictation with him, and he defines certain words from the verse. We are on day 39 of psalms and he has worked through Psalms 1:1-5. It’s available in ESV or KJV and lots of copy work options.

This year we started doing history too. I wanted to do a little more reading comprehension with Atreyu and history has really helped with this. I started “The History of the World” with Atreyu and Ezra. I’m able to read to the boys their history. I have them answer questions, summarize and Atreyu draw’s a picture relating to the story. We can check out books from the library based on what we are covering.  History we do a few times a week and sometime skip it all together, but still make progress.

Weekly we are also involved in Community Bible Study (CBS). Not only do I enjoy a wonderful Bible Study, but the kids have their own lessons too. Atreyu has his own work book that he is able to complete. This year we are covering the life of Moses and have learned so much already.

Ezra is doing Kindergarten this year. Which includes a lot of playing. I really wanted to focus on a few skillshomeschool-4 he needs improvement on. Using our school time to do one on one to learn these things. We are starting with Primer in Math-U-See. Working on counting, block manipulation and other skills.

He is also doing Handwriting Without Tears. Ezra has never really enjoyed coloring. We are really working on those basic skills. We build on his phonics skills with some basic readers, like Bob books. Ezra enjoys reading and I think once we get the basics he will be reading on his own a lot!

Ezra does CBS and history with us. On top of all this we do a few crafts, build lego’s, paint, color, and watch Netflix. Living in Naples also gives us many field trips. We love heading to the zoo, children’s museum, park or even Costco for a chance to learn and play.

I have enjoyed learning with the kids and figuring out what works for our family. I’ve had a learning curve having 2 kids in school now, but we are getting it. I love getting to learn with these kids.


Let me know if you have any questions about what we are doing. And I’m sure to update as time goes on.