This is all about Ezra moving. For just being able to move his arms and upper body this kid can get around. Seriously try to army crawl without the use of your legs but still having to bring them along. It’s hard.  Crawling is great for him to make him stronger and we have seen such an improvement in his strength.

Here he is crawling around when we stayed in Grand Rapids overnight. He had so much fun and was getting around all over our room.




He also has been getting better at using his bumbo wheelchair that Dave built him. At least he does well on hard surfaces like in the kitchen. Here he is at 21 months



And we went to Grand Rapids to get Ezra fitted for his wheel chair. We were able to see some and once he was in a chair he took right off. Now we are in the long process of waiting for the chair to be approved  by the insurance company. And I have heard good, and mostly bad things about the process.  It will take about 6 months for him to get his chair. And I can’t wait. This kid needs to get around.

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