Note to self: God is in control

Last week we were reminded of how much God is in control, even in all the little things. On Tuesday we had an appointment with Spectrum to see the NICU and talk with the Neonatologist.
We knew something was wrong with our car because of all the noise it was making, but we prayed and hope it would be alright. Well right outside of Grand Rapids the noise was getting worse and the car started shaking. Dave pulled off the road and checked the tire (which he could easily shake back and forth). He knew that our wheel baring was bad and if we were going to get home we had to have it fixed. Dave drove on the sholder up a mile to the next exit while I was looking on his Iphone for a mechanic near by, but the ones we were finding were to far away for the car to make.
(Here is where God does his cool stuff…) Once we pull off the exit there is a mechanic, and they can fix our car that day! And someone from the shop was heading down to Grand Rapids and could give us a ride to the hospital! (Good timing) Not exactly how we wanted to get there but hey it works.

We met with the social worker at the hospital, who was so helpful to us. She was able to answer so many questions and put my mind at ease about all the little things we (mostly I) was worried about. We also met with one of the Neonatologist who would be caring for this guy when he gets here, again he was great and able to answer more questions and explain a lot of what would happen once he is here. We toured the NICU, and found out we can have 4 visitors at a time, which is great for those who want to meet this guy right away.

Once we were done with our appointment we were planning on having dinner with Emily and Nate and Leigh and Andy, a couple of families whose boys have Spina Bifida. So thankfully Emily was able to pick us up, and make us a wonderful dinner (which I think I need to start making because Dave really enjoyed it) and then her husband Nate was able to drive us back to our car, which was now fixed. We were so thankful for their help and hospitality.

On our way home we were talking about how God’s timing was in our whole day. Everything worked out, not the way we would have wanted but we know it was God telling us that he is in control and everything does not go the way we want it to, but the way He wants it and that “…all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Roman 8:28)

Today we got the results from the amnio, and surprise his chromosomes are normal.

He loves his sunglasses, even at night

Also today Atreyu was really cute, I love that he can make me smile when I have been up since 4am because I can’t sleep. He is getting so good at walking. I can’t believe he will be 1 next week and in 4 weeks his brother will more than likely be here!

4 thoughts on “Note to self: God is in control

  1. Cute video of Atreyu walking! And know that Brian and I are praying for you and that your pregnancy and the "little guy" does well when he arrives. Love ya tons!

  2. Every step of this SB journey I find myself at the foot of the cross, but God COMPLETELY cares for us and carries us through this journey!

    Praying for your family!

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