Home update

Now that we are home and I have both boys it is harder to update this thing, but have I mentioned yet that it is so good to be home?

Atreyu is starting to realize that Ezra is here to stay. He is doing much better now that we are home and I am able to be with him all the time, but he is a little

confused by his brother. Sometimes he just doesn’t know what to do about him.¬†When Ezra cries he will either bring him a toy or start crying himself. It’s kinda funny. Atreyu kinda says Ezra’s name but it comes out Rara. He is working on it. He was pretty excited to see all his old toys again.

We are all starting to get back into our routines, which is so great. Ezra is just fitting right in. I still can’t believe we have another kid.
This last week has been a little busy trying to figure out all the things I need to get done for Ezra. Appointments to set up, programs to sign up for. But it is all coming together. I will be happy when it slows down a little. Then again it has only been one week since we have been home.

Apparently when the hospital orders supplies for Ezra’s wound they get enough to last a long time. Then Dave reminded me that we have boys so even if Ezra doesn’t use it now I am sure we will be doing more wound-care later.

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