Pink or Blue?

Today we had the much anticipated Ultrasound. With my first two the ultrasound meant finding out if they were a boy or girl. Now they are about finding out if the baby is healthy. Crazy how views change in a couple years. The tech first scanned in on the brain and from what I could see it looked perfect. Kids with Spina Bifida have a “lemon” or “banana” shaped brain. So this was a great sign of a healthy baby.

After a few more scans and a little twisting and turning trying to get the baby to move around. We saw a healthy brain and a healthy spine! What a blessing!

And of course we got the “money shot”

In November we will be having our first baby girl! Now to get to sewing the cutest little clothes for her.

And I thought this picture was just too cute. She was resting her little arm on her leg.

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