Quiet weekend

We are thankful for a quiet weekend. Esther was hopfully getting strong and we enjoyed a less dramatic weekend.

Things pretty much stayed the same. A few times they have weaned her off her paralytic so she could have some movement back. We have enjoyed see her beautiful eyes again. Also having her little fingers wrap around our finger. She has enjoyed blowing some spit bubbles too.


They went up on her oscillator a tiny bit. Thankfully no leaks in the lungs. Which is what got us into this crazy mess to begin with.

Her ECMO circuit wasn’t running as smoothly. The blood gets fibrous in the circuit which can lead to blood clots. This and a few other problems happen around 2 weeks on ECMO. Because they need to do surgery on ECMO they didn’t want to risk it clotting during surgery. She is on day 19 of ECMO and 20 days old.

Since they switched circuits today they are giving her a few days to adjust and want to do surgery on Thursday. Surgery won’t make her pulmonary hypertension better but it gives her the extra support of ECMO to recover. She still needs to improve a bit before surgery. Things like blood flow, her heart getting stronger, and a few other stuff. But the surgeons seem ok with doing the surgery.

The hard part for us is that are limiting Esther to 28 days on ECMO. If she can’t come off by then, they don’t think she has a chance. That’s July 23 in case you are counting. These next few days will be hard for Esther and we appreciate your continued prayers.



37 thoughts on “Quiet weekend

  1. Little angel we are praying every day for God to heal your little body. We know He will in His own time. Right now the Angels are watching over you and singing lullabies to keep you all comfy. You will be such a blessing and a miracle to every one you know. God bless you all. Love you much Dave and Denise. You are also in our prayers. I know God has so many blessings waiting for you both.

  2. I’ve been following your journey and praying for your family continually for strength, healing and joy. As a mom I’m sure this is the hardest journey you have been on yet, but can sense what fierceness God is moving your family forward.

  3. God bless your family. May he hold you in his hand through this journey. Our prayers are with you all.

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